Four Paintings – 2012-08-05

One – Crayon Box

Two – Bulls Eye

Three – Poinsettia

Four —  Double Rainbow

Three of these four paintings were done this year 2012. The Crayon Box is whimsical and can be used in a childs room. The Bulls Eye was done several years ago when I was trying to learn how to make circles also at the time my son and granddaughters were taking archery and it was fitting.

The Poinsettia was done this June it is a close up and it is one of my favorites I did put sparkles on it to dress it up. The Double Rainbow was done this May and I wanted a double rainbow but not done in the traditional way. This is a new slant on an old standard.

Painting relaxes me and it gets some of my pent-up anxieties and creativity out into the open. I will be showing my work at the Hampton Library in October of this year and I am excited to see what others have to say about my work.

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Four Paintings by Mary Louise Marion

#1 Fireworks 16 x 20 Canvas Acrylic Paint

#2 Garden Scene or Spirit Hand 16 x 20 Canvas Acrylic Paint

#3 Colorful Geometrics 16 x 20 Canvas Acrylic Paint

#4 Fall Leaves 16 x 20 Canvas Acrylic Paint

#1 was painted in 2005. The rest was done this year. I took painting classes and some art classes at the NH Institute of Art in Manchester NH 1999 through 2003. I got my Certificate of Photography from the NH Institute of Art.

I will be having a showing of my Black and White Photography and my painting at the Hampton Lane Memorial Library in October 2012. I will be posting 4 paintings a week for the next few weeks. Some are abstract others are realistic and still others are just what I see in my head. I enjoy painting and it has helped me relax during the past two very stressful years.

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Bryce Canyon – 2

Bryce Canyon is in southern Utah. Because Zion National park is better known Bryce Canyon gets fewer visitors a year. This canyon is shaped like an amphitheatre rather than a traditional canyon. The elevation of this canyon is between 8,000 and 9,000 feet. This canyon does see all four seasons with temperatures of 9 degrees in the winter and over 90 degrees in the summer. May and June are good months to visit the canyon because it is not too hot. Another good time to visit the canyon is September and October. There are very few visitors to the canyon during the three winter months of December, January and February.

The picture on the left is of a Natural Arch. The color was spectacular! the deeper orange of the arch complimented the lighter orange and yellow rock formations near by. This arch was formed over thousands of years by wind, rain, ice and erosion. Even a sculptor could have made this arch as lovely as it is. It is hidden as you walk one of the trails in the canyon until you come around a slight bend in the trail and then POW there it is!.

The second picture the one on the right is what I call the Olympic Flame. Again Mother Nature carved this out of rock over many thousands of years. I love this formation because the moment you see it, it takes you to the Olympics past seeing the flame light the way for all the athletes that come to test their abilities against others in the world.

Bryce Canyon has so many different rock formations and I took ten or twelve rolls of film while there in May of 2001. The canyon is truly a photographers dream. If you ever get the chance to visit southern Utah be sure to go to Bryce Canyon and be in awe of its beauty.

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Bryce Canyon – 1

Bryce Canyon, Utah the year was 2001 May. This canyon is beautiful beyond words. Looking out over the Hoodoos the picture on the left. Beyond that is more of Utah but in some ways it looks like the ocean. Blue with white caps. The sky in Utah as well as Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico is a more beautiful blue than here in New england. My most wonderful husband says that is because of the elevation. Being closer up makes it clearer.

The picture on the right the rock formations look like a castle. Again the distance is mountains and sky. My sister and I spent 3 days exploring the canyon and I took many rolls of film all at different angles and using different focal lengths of my lens. I did one roll of Black and white also that came out quite nicely. The black and while pictures reminds me of Ansel Adams work. He is a photographer that I have always admired for his black and white renditions of nature.

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Formal Garden New Bern, NC

This photo was taken at the Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC in September 2008. This is an English type of formal garden, made by the governor who ran NC in the 1700’s had the garden planted and it has been cared for by the Historical society since the Revolutionary War first by the Governor who used the palace as their place of residence then in the 1900’s by the Historic Society of New Bern, NC.

English Formal Gardens are done in a rectilinear design which are found at many stately homes in England.  The simplest formal gardens were box-trimmed hedges that lined or enclosed carefully laid out flower gardens of simple geometric shapes. The more elegant gardens include statuary and fountains which this garden at the Tryon Palace do as can be seen with the statuary on the outer edges of the garden and the fountain in the middle.

I have always loved taking photographs of nicely laid out gardens and any time I go to a southern plantation and see their well laid out gardens I make sure to take pictures. The gardens here in NH like the Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH is not a formal garden but every year the Portsmouth Garden club plants a beautiful garden of many dozens of flower varieties. This garden gives hundreds of visitors many hours of beauty from Spring into winter.

The Prescott Garden also has a stage and many concerts are held there. i will post a picture of that garden next week so you can see the many beautiful flowers that are planted there. It is not a formal garden and is called simply a flower garden.

Enjoy this photo of the English Formal Garden and imagine yourself walking through it. I pretended I was in England at a lovely estate and took the time to look at all the trimmed hedges. I looked at each statue, stopped to admire the fountains, there are three. I also stopped at the gazebo and sat on the bench and enjoyed the beauty. I also toured the flower gardens that went with this formal garden. There is also an acre of well cut grass that was lovely and green going to the river from the formal garden.



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Seven Falls – Manitou Springs, Colorado

The Seven falls in Manitou Springs, Colorado are one of the most beautiful  spots in Colorado. As a child living in Colorado Springs, Colorado at Christmas my father took us to the Falls. It was lovely. Colored lights up lighting the falls which were frozen over. There are 224 steps up the stair case from the base to the top. It is a very steep climb. As a child I had no problems doing it but in 2001 in my late 50’s I could not do the steps so I took the elevator to the top. That elevator was not there in the 1950’s.

The Falls are 181 feet high from the base to the top which had a platform that I stood on as a child. In 2001 that platform was no longer there in its place was a gift shop accessed to by the elevator from the bottom of the falls. I did take several pictures from the roof top of the platform of the surrounding areas.

This picture was taken in 2001 standing across from the falls on a platform used just for taking pictures of the falls. I got all seven of the falls in the shot along with the base which is now used to display Native American artifacts. My picture is very much like the one on the post card that can be bought in the gift shop. I was very pleased with this photo. It came out exactly as I saw it through the lens of my Nikon N90 camera. Today I do not remember the focal length of the lens but I did take several at different focal lengths. This one is the best and the one I am most happy with.

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Beautiful Flower

Nature is so beautiful. This photo was taken 3 or 4 years ago on one of my fall walks.  It was taken with my Nikon N90 with the 35 to 85mm lens on film. I did not have my Nikon small digital camera then. I sometimes miss the different perspective I get from my lenses. The Coolpix has small focal length lens built into the camera but it is not the same. The small camera is more readily available and easier to carry so I can tak longer walks and I can take more pictures and delete those that I don’t like or don’t think are good enough. BUT when they are deleted that is it that perspective is gone forever so I seldom delete and have hundreds of probably poor images taking up computer space.

I am so thankful for the beautiful nature God has provided for us. Now that Spring is here it is wonderful to go for a walk and look at the trees and see the buds starting to turn into green that will become leaves soon. This year because of the strange and warm winter we have had the plants are flowering earlier. This morning I notices many Forsythia’s in full bloom. Their cheerful yellow blooms brought a real smile to my face. If it had been a sunny day I would have taken many pictures. So tomorrow when the sun is out that is what I will be doing.

I love taking long walks and taking lots of photographs of all plants, trees, rocks, ponds, streams, sky and clouds. I am always excited to turn a corner and see a beautiful flower like the one above. Walking in Nature makes me calm, fills me with happiness and gives me inner strength to go through a stressful day. Nature can take our breath away. Like walking along the beach seeing how the sun glances off the ocean and how it sparkles. Or taking a walk along a garden path and seeing all the different plants and how they bloom differently. All the different subtle shades in each flower. Look at the flower above there are eight different shades of pink and purple in that one bloom. That is amazing to me.

Be sure to take a walk and look at a tree this week then go again in a few days and be amazed at how many of the buds have grown and are starting to open. I am going to pick a tree and follow it budding progression for the next six weeks. I know just the four trees I want to do that for. I will share the photos here on this blog site so keep watching. Be sure to get outside and walk let nature calm your inner self look for the beauty and when you see it take it inside of yourself with your inner eye and in times of stress close your eyes and remember that moment and you can calm yourself with that wonderful memory.


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